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Facts about Rice

Facts about Rice

Published by : Admin Published Date : 15 Oct, 2021

Let’s speak some crazy yet stimulating truths about everything around us, RICE is something that seals the heart and bags of every home. So, in view of some amusing yet interesting realities, we thought to share.

➨ Humans started eating rice 5000 years ago.
➨ Rice is an outstanding source of energy, as it upholds the appropriate working of the brain due to its better carbohydrate content.
➨ Brown Rice Vs. White Rice— when the rough layer of rice is detached, we inevitably get brown rice. Whereas when the rice is extra polished and many germ and bran layers are aloof, we get the white rice. It all hinges upon the procedure by which it is milled.
➨ Almost 50% of the population all over the globe eat rice as one of their chief staple diets.
➨ When it is cooked, it expands up to thrice its original raw weight.
➨ Production of some of the alcoholic drinks is finished with the usage of rice. Some of them comprise rice wine, sake etc.
➨ According to the archives, an Asian devours an average of 150 kg of rice in a year and around 5000 litres of water is consumed to produce a single kilogram of rice.
➨ Asia is accountable for 90% of production as well as consumption of rice all over the globe?
➨ Rice holds a distinct significance in old-style aspects. It signifies life and richness, thus the tradition of throwing rice at weddings is trailed.
➨ In India, rice is meant to be the sign of affluence and linked with the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity, Laxmi.
➨ Still, in many places conventional buffalo methods for tilling and cultivating rice fields are used, as it is the finest way to cultivate rice.
➨ In India, it is well-thought-out that the first diet given to a baby should be rice, as it indicates growth.

Everyone would agree on the element that, typically Indians have rice on their plate at least once a day. We relish eating rice daily since as per Indian people, food is imperfect without sabji, chapaati, dal, and particularly a bowl of rice.

And while we eat rice, we should undoubtedly know that there are mostly two main categories– Basmati and Non-Basmati. Both have their dissimilar taste, kinds, procedure and paybacks in our life. People usually purchase rice from sanctioned suppliers and take it in their daily meals to keep themselves spirited, fit and contented.

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